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To Ceo First I’m going to tell you my story. A year and a half – Peter Agne email address

Migdalia sent a message to Peter Agne President and CEO, IKEA – email address that said:

To Ceo
First I'm going to tell you my story. A year and a half ago my daughter decided to change her garage into a studio apartment for my husband and I since he's retiring .He is 64 and I am 52. My husband couldn't wait until 65 because he was diagnosed with a disease years ago called Meyoloproferative disease in which lately slow him down.It has to do with his bone marrow plus he's a diabetic. My daughter hired workers in which came when they felt like it. They said it will be done Christmas of last year.
Here we are another Christmas in three days and my kitchen not completely done. Family memebers told me about Ikea so I went and bought the cabinetson October the floor ones. The workers just put them together a month ago. I went 2 weeks ago to buy the wall cabinets two 30 inch and two smaller ones . I waitedfor the workers to come back to put these up is already built plus hang the microwave but they has not yet come. So I called Ikea if someone can come put them up . They said no because I have only 4 pieces and didn't ask to install them the day I bought them . I don't think that's fair . We drove an hour just to get these cabinets and ikea can't help us. All I wish for Christmas is that my kitchen be done. Here I go again another Christmas coming and the garage apartment not done.I wish you just change the policy and help all customers when needed help.

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