To make a long story short because I know you a busy man. I have – David Brandon email address

Janet sent a message to David Brandon – chief executive officer of Toys “R” Us- email address that said:

To make a long story short because I know you a busy man. I have been using my toysrus card for over 8 years. I use to get my coupons printed at the checkout when i made my purchase. So I stopped getting them and would say something about it everytime i made a purchase. After about 6 years I really went on about it to a very nice cashier and he told me that I was suppose to be getting them at my email. So, found out I hadn't been getting them at my email. So I had my daughter check to make sure she wasn't getting them by mistake. No she wasn't getting them either. Finally after 7 years a lady at my local store looked up my card and said she didn't come up with anything and for me to call the number on the back. I did they told me another name was coming up and would not tell me the info for my card. She said she would fix the situation. to give them at least 30 days to process everything. Was never contacted and problem not solved. So I call the number back on the back of the card. Explaining the whole thing yet again. They promised they would fix it. I am very upset because I have spent money at toyrus for 8 years. I have bought a john deer tractor that cost over 500.00 and baby crib, I could really go on and on. I know I have spent well over 2000.00 dollars at this store and have never got a coupon for any of it. I have talked to everyone I can until I am at the point I am writing you. If you can't fix my problem then I will never shop at toysrus again. Plus I will tell everyone I meet not to shop there. I am not a person who has ever done anything like this. If I just have of known a long time ago I could have got another card or something. I feel like I have been cheated out of money and would love to know if someone else has benefited from all the money I have spent. I hope you can find a solution to my problem.


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