To Mr. Chairman (Samsung Electronics) I brought a printer CLX 9201 one year back through your – Lee KunHee email address

Utpal sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

To Mr. Chairman (Samsung Electronics)
I brought a printer CLX 9201 one year back through your marketing executive, and on 29th Nov'2016 warranty is going to expire. But I don't get value for money for this printer as I got from other samsung products (I using washing machine, TV, microwave Monitor, hard disk for last 8 years). But for this printer I getting worst experience from the day one. first I have complain on your service center and printer engineer. There are two main service center for this printer in New Delhi. One is HCL and another is I.E.C.S. Specially I got worst experience from HCL. I.E.C.S. is some better than HCL but not our satisfaction (forget world Class as samsung product). And HCL service center engineer has no proper knowledge about this printer (CLX-9201). But I don't understand why always your customer care executive try forward our service request to only HCL. Are there any setting with HCL for earn inappropriate revenue from us for company or personal staff of Samsung India? reason: 5-6 months before my printer is not working due to paper jam, So I complained at customer care, after 5-6 days of complain two engineer came and report me that my printer fuser is damage for my fault and tell me within 1 minutes of printer inspection. And I have to Rs.14000- money for new one. But same fuser is working for 5-6 months and printing till now . How? No answer from samsung.

But My question for you:-
1. Why the engineer is misleading me
2. Are you aware what type of service is giving to our Indian customer by Samsung India. if aware then why you are doing this type of business?
3.Do you like to remove this so called Indian engineer and customer support staff (besides I m also and Indian, but we fed up with this Indian staff)?

My feeling:
1. I lost my money to purchased this printer, because your marketing executive, engineer and customer care engineer.
2. Nowadays in India samsung products quality and services is like a local Chinese products (use thru).
3. If I not getting any proper reply then I am going to public display of this printers quality of service with leading electronics media very soon(before warranty expire).

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