To say that I am disgusted with Ross Stores is putting it mildly. As CEO – Barbara Rentler email address

Tali Wolder sent a message to Barbara Rentler - Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores - Email Address that said:

To say that I am disgusted with Ross Stores is putting it mildly. As CEO, I understand you have more important issues to concern yourself with that one very disgruntled customer but given that there are no other resources available to me, you are where the buck stops.
On Sunday 01/30 I rushed into the Ross in Boca Raton to purchase a number of items i needed to complete a home staging. A very low budget, hence my reliance on Ross.
I picked out a number of items and went to the register. The assistant began to ring up my items and as she began I handed her a few things that I had changed my mind about.
The store had no large bags and all my purchaseshad to be placed in numerous small bags which I could not carry. It was pouring with rain outside and I had to negotiate an umberlla and the parcels. Ross of course does not allow customers to use the carts to take purchases to their cars. So, I left many of the bags on the floor at the register and made 2 trips to my car. The goods remained in my car until the next day, Monday. I went over to the property and began the staging process. There were some items that did not work and I checked for the receipt to put in the bag with the returns. I noticed an item for $16.99. I know I did not purchase anything at this price, so decided to query it when I returned the 4 items for a refund. Keep in mind, I kept 2 bathroom rugs, soap dispensers with matching toothbrush holders, dishtowels and a very small kitchen plate. I know your merchandise well - its tough to find a $16.99 item in that group.
Today I went back to the store with my returns and said to the assistant that the item for $16.99 was something I did not purchase and do not have in my posession. She called over a gentleman who then called a young security guard named Luis and told Luis to look at the video footage because I had forgotten what I purchased. I was kept waiting 20-30 minutes while Luis checked the video then came back and said the 3 item for $16.99 was a curtain. I said that the first 2 items were curtains that I had just returned. I asked to see the video footage myseld but he could not authorize it so I asked to speak to the manager, Thom. Rude does not even begin to describe his attitude. He refused to show me the footage and said Ross doesnt need my $16.99 so they have no reason to be dishonest. I asked for his last name, he refused to provide it, I then asked for his Regional Managers name, he turned away from me and said Look for it online The women standing next to me at the time were horrified and disgusted by his behaviour.
As I waled out I questioned Luis and asked him what he saw on the video, he said he saw the curtains purchased, I agreed and said I had just returned them. He then said he noticed on the video that I had given the assistant items I had decided not to purchase. When I asked if it was possible she had rung up oone of these in error, he looked away sheepishly and refused to answer.
If I wanted to steal from Ross Id made the risk far more worthwhile and Id have a little more ambition that aiming for $16.99.
This is not the way to treat customers orbehave when they have an issue. Ross may be cheap but I do not think that philosophy should extend to the service ethic, but then Im not the boss!

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