To the chief executive officer (CEO) Thomas A. Kennedy of Raytheon I have Comment to – Thomas A Kennedy email address

Phillip A. Lambert JR. (ID)HACC6742 sent a message to Thomas A. Kennedy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Raytheon Company Email Address that said:

To the chief executive officer (CEO) Thomas A. Kennedy of Raytheon I have Comment to you. If you like all of Mr. Phillip A. Lambert Jr. (ID) HACC6742 Idea for buying and sailing to the Military and FBI, CIA with State of The Art Dog tags, Laser gun finder,GPS Watches, GPS App finder for Watches and more ,Solar Light Chargers , Two kind of Ear Buds for war and more , Water Straws, Fire Starter using Flint Stone ,Shave kit with Mirror, and Freeze Dry Food for every Soldier in the Military also; the FBI , CIA persons in the world. If you went to take Raytheon in a New Direction with buying sailing to the FBI , CIA and the Military In the world and more. Make a New decision this Year and use my Ideas for the bottom line is Money for you and Raytheon then just do it for it will pay for it self. I need a percentage of every thing I came up with in compensation pay for Phillip a. Lambert Jr. at 2019 N. 68 St. Kansas city Kansas 66109 Phone number is 913-333-9268 and my Manager Franco Lozano of Raytheon In El Segundo California in R1,R2 building His Phone number is 310-334-7610. We need compensation Money now and for our Seven Generations after we die or more for are family. One thing microwave cage the company for years be for it down size and was outsource to outside of USA to a foreign Country called Australia not El Segundo in California anymore. You can check my record to see who good we where to the Military , Raytheon and more. Success for our Customer now and beyond Live Long and Prosper.

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