To Whom it May Concern at Sprint, I would like to introduce myself, I – Marcelo Claure email address

Edward sent a message to Marcelo Claure- the chief executive officer of Sprint Corporation- email address that said:

To Whom it May Concern at Sprint,

I would like to introduce myself, I am a small business owner here in St. Louis Missouri, Burl Construction, we remodel commercial investment properties for local real estate developers and investors. My name is Edward Denton, and I recently interacted with your sales staff at the Kingshighway location. We weren't sure what we were needing as a team to insure we are maximizing our communication devices, so I had a lot of questions. I was initially helped by Grant Evens, who proved to be as knowledgeable as he was friendly. Grant was very patient and accommodating, he was very helpful explaining our options concerning the different data plans Sprint offers, and informing us of the pros and cons of various phones, tablets, and accessories so that I could make the right decision to fit our needs.

When I called in to set up an appointment to purchase, Grant was unavailable on his honeymoon (congratulations!). Don Russel answered the phone and introduced his self as someone that could help. Don swiftly stepped in and was just as capable as Grant, setting-up an appointment right-away to get our account for the business set up. He went into details about plans and accessories and based on advice from him, we chose the installment plans instead of the I-phone forever plans, a decision that was right for us. In the end we started with 3-Iphone 6s (16 gig), 3-Invisible SHIELD GLASS, 3-120% Mophies, 2-LG Tone Infinims. Don also informed us of the Fitbit Charger HR, that we purchased for personal use, but believe we will be returning to upgrade for 2-Apple Smart Watches. Don also informed us about your Business Accounts Representative, Kyle Tweedy, and relayed to us his information. Don and I plan to meet with Kyle in the near future to discuss the ways Sprint can help Burl Construction grow its communicational platform and further discuss the company's needs and options.

It was refreshing to deal with such professional, competent and friendly staff. Both Don and Grant created a welcoming environment, where I felt comfortable asking questions, and their answers. Don was able to hone in on the details to close this deal. I have been using ATT since 1997, so switching carriers is a big change for us. So far, I feel very good about the change. Please consider promoting Don and Grant, to a much higher management level at Sprint. As a consumer that interacts with many representatives, I can confidently state that neither of them are the norm, and they both exhibit high qualities of leadership and professionalism .

To conclude, these two representatives you have working Sprints front lines, have gone well above and beyond the standard of what most of us have to interact with, when making decisions that dramatically effect our daily lives. I am looking forward to using services offered by Sprint for business owners, that fits our needs. Please feel free to contact me to inform us of any and all promotions, sales, or special offers to small business owners, that help manage our time and to keep our plans as cost effective as possible.


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