To whom it may concern, Hello and I hope you are well. I would first – Michael OLeary email address

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To whom it may concern,

Hello and I hope you are well.
I would first like to introduce myself, my name is Claire Brightman. I am a Canadian who has moved to London, England to travel and live in this vibrant city. I am writing to you to tell you the story of one of my recent journeys with Ryanair.
I do my travelling in short little weekend getaways as I have a fulltime job to support myself and fund my travels. As I am only getting away for a short time to make the most of my trips I often fly when possible and I have found Ryanair to be one of my favourite airlines and has the best quality for the price.
Recently one of my best friends, Hilary Williams, and I travelled to Italy over Easter weekend for a splendid girls trip to some beautiful cities. We flew Ryanair as per usual. Our trip to Italy went off without a hitch and both were happy as clams upon arrival. It is the trip back to London that I am unfortunately feeling compelled to write you about.
Our flight was due to depart Venice Treviso Airport (TSF) at 22:30 Italy time and arrive at London Stansted (STN) at 23:40 London time, flight number FR799. We, being the savvy travellers we are always purchase our Stansted Express train tickets in advance in a package so we have our tickets ready and for the best price sorted in advance. Now, the last Stansted express train leaves the airport at 00:30 but knowing our flight was to land at 11:40 the fifty minutes would be ample time to get through and on the train. Both of us only take carry-on baggage so we were set to go.
Unfortunately, the flight was delayed by twenty-five minutes. Both of us were devastated. Our peaceful trip back turned into to a stressful one full of anxious waits. We were held up at every possible instance. The flight was delayed due to earlier issues in the day, then upon arrival only the front doors were used to unload the plane causing further delay. My friend and I both having work in the morning were sprinting through the airport trying to make the train. From time of landing we had only fifteen minutes to do so. After running through the airport and getting through customs we arrived at the train station two minutes late for the very last train. This meant we had to go back into the airport, wait forty minutes for a bus and then take the hour and half coach ride into the city followed by transport home. All in all, due to your airline companys delays and negligent services our journey cost us an extra £80. This is not something either of us can afford to be paying out as it was not in our original cost estimate of the trip and was not our fault.
I understand flight delays happen and can be at times unavoidable but I believe as the airline company you should reimburse us for the incurred expenses the subsequent journey cost us. It is your responsibility as the airline company to ensure the happiness and ease of your passengers journey. I am not one to usually complain but this one instance I am kindly asking that you, a multi-billion-pound net worth company, would be able to help two young travelers who are avid passengers on your airlines and would like to continue using your services.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Claire Brightman

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