To whom it may concern On Monday 4th September my disabled husband and I had – Michael OLeary email address

Mary whelan sent a message to Michael OLeary - CEO, Ryanair - Email Address that said:

To whom it may concern

On Monday 4th September my disabled husband and I had a flight booked, flight number 115 departing at 13.10

We went straight to special assistance as we always do, we were already checked in, seat numbers booked.
We were taken through security with a slight delay but still arrived at the gates in plenty of time with 15 other passengers still boarding in front of us.

When we arrived at the steps of the aircraft getting through the gates and everything, we were asked if our wheelchair was tagged to which I replied I dont think so , special assistance was booked so surely you were expecting us, the equipment to get him on the flight was in place already!
Im not sure then at this point why we were refused, but we were!
We were at the gate and at the bottom of the steps in time even your staff allowing us through the departure gates would tell you this.

I even offered to struggle up the steps myself with him to get on the flight, with all the time it took to tell us we couldnt board we could have been on the flight and in our seats.
You didnt allow us on the flight and had to wait till 5.30 for the next available flight. Not even a drink or anything was offered while we waited another 4 hours.

I felt deeply humiliated and discriminated against and didnt arrive home until 11 oclock that evening having left my original location at 10.30 that morning, it was an extremely long and stressful day day with no explanation at all to why we were not allowed on the flight.

We use your flight company on a regular basis and know the protocol, there was just no reason for this that I can see.

I will await your response and would expect to hear from you by the beginning of next week.


Truly dissatisfied and disappointed frequent flyer

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