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To Whom It May Concern, I wanted to let you know that since the day – Glen Post email address

Amy sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. that said:

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to let you know that since the day I signed up for my CenturyLink account that I told the representative to place my account on autopay. We joined with your company in May when my husband went from active duty to Air Force Reserve and we bought a new house. I have called in several times to fix the issue. I realized there was an issue when I first got a shutoff notice in the mail. I called in, and waited upwards of 30 minutes to reach a representative who spoke broken English and could barely help me with my issue. When she finally understood, I was forwarded to a billing manager who said I could have the amount deducted on a certain day (a Friday) and that it would come out, my Internet would not be cut off, and it would also pay the bill, but I had to pay for CenturyLink's mistake and that my account would be enrolled in autopay right then and there. They also did not have me bundled with Direct TV when I should have been and joined the service right after I got off the phone with enrolling in Direct Tv. After I spoke to the billing manager, she forwarded me to another representative, who then gave me a $25 credit to help cut some of the bill and because of the error , and linked our Direct Tv and CenturyLink accounts, but could not take off the late charges incurred due to the company's error. Bringing my bill down to a whopping $180.

When the money that the billing manager was not taken from my account that Friday, as I was told it would be, I called in again the following Wednesday. I waited the excruciating 30+ minutes to reach another employee who could barely speak English, and was painstakingly informed that my account still was not reflecting that I was enrolled in autopay. Though I had signed up for it, and was told I was when I had called in I would be placed on autopay but it would take 1-2 billing cycles to occur. So i paid the bill and waited til the next time.

Again, i log on to the website to see I'm not enrolled in autopay. This time, I wanted to avoid the 30 minute wait just to speak to one person and being forwarded to so many others. So I go onto chat with a representative. They cannot tell me why I'm not on autopay, but I'm not enrolled and they tell me how to enroll online. I enroll online and there's a message that I'm enrolled, but it could take 1-2 billing cycles to reflect.

Now when I log in, it says the charge will automatically be taken from my account, and it has said that for a month. CenturyLink has not taken their money, and again I have a whopping bill of $213.83. I am getting really, REALLY frustrated with this. We are an honest, upstanding military family; we hold integrity and Air Force values in very high regard. I have told your representatives that I have NEVER been late on a bill payment- and I never have. At least, not until I chose CenturyLink as my Internet company. The company is now ruining my credit, and not taking their money to pay both my internet and Direct TV bill when they're scheduled to. I'm sick of calling in, waiting 30+ minutes to speak to one person, and then being forwarded to someone else, who then forwards me to someone else; or even going online and doing the actions myself when it never solves the issue. Not that this will matter, but my family has fallen on hard times. Not only is my husband working 2 jobs to make ends meet (and his hours just got cut at his other civilian job on a military base because they hired more people), but we also had another baby in August. I've had to reconsider being a stay at home mom as well and have been looking for a job to alternate hours with my husband just cover some of our bills. We simply do NOT have the money to pay out to CenturyLink like this under our current circumstances. We have no extras. We strictly pay bills. The company's aweful 1-2 cycle billing policy and the negligent customer service is- pardon my language- screwing us over every month by not taking their money, incurring late fees on my account, and not fixing the issue at all. We are in over our heads drowning here. If we could cancel our service due to the issue, we would. But we can't afford the exorbitant $300 cancellation fee. We have paid more than we can afford in late fees, etc because the company doesn't take its money and keeps charging us for its mistake. I have emailed this message to the only other email I can find- to support. Can we please work something out? PLEASE? My kids and my new baby need to eat and they're a priority.

If you need to contact me, please do. I can be reached at the above email or my phone number . But I need to work something out here. My family can't do or afford this.

Thank you for your time.
Warm Regards,

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