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To whom it may concern: My name is Nalan and together with my wife we – Joe Kaeser email address

recep sent a message to Joe Kaeser President and CEO, Siemens A.G. that said:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Nalan and together with my wife we bought a Siemens Solo dishwashing machine with serial number  on September 30, 2013 from a Siemens representative store in Istanbul’s district of Kadikoy.

Soon after we started using the dishwasher we discovered that it doesn’t wash our glasses and utensils properly. Regardless of which of the cycles we’d use they would come out unclean and with spots on them. Since the dishwasher was still in warranty we contacted the warranty service and they send a team to examine the machine. The people that came to look at the dishwasher stated that the unsatisfactory results were due to a number of factors, i.e. tap water being too hard and with high concentration of limestone; us using the wrong kind of detergent; us not knowing how to use a dishwasher. Before they left they informed us that they had fine-tuned the machine, and promised us that after we changed the detergent it will start washing our glasses normally. They also charged us for their service.

We followed their instructions and bought the detergent we were advised to use with the dishwasher. Unfortunately yet again we were unable to achieve the desired results so we called the warranty service again, presenting with the same complaint. Another team of ‘specialists’ visited and after checking the machine told us practically the same things as the team before. The dishwasher wasn’t tuned appropriately for the specifics of the tap water, we were using the wrong detergent (despite the fact that by then we had changed it complying with the advice of the previous team of workers) and in general we weren’t using the dishwasher properly. The problem wasn’t with the dishwasher itself which, according to them, was working perfectly.

This happened again and again many times. We lost count of how many times we called the warranty service and the call center at Siemens Istanbul representative office. Our conversations with the people there were recorded. But we never succeeded to arrive at a satisfactory position. They kept sending teams of mechanics to look at the dishwasher and stating the same reasons as mentioned above. We were visited by the warranty service countless times without any result. Each time they changed the detergents, told us that the previous service team advised us on the wrong detergent, kept fine-tuning the dishwasher to the tap water or accused us of wrong usage.

No one at the service and the central of Siemens customer service would agree with us that the problem is in the dishwasher not in the way it is used. Finally we realized that they are incapable of solving our problem. For this reason we would like to file an official complaint with you. We want to inform you that we are extremely unsatisfied with the way Siemens Turkey handles clients’ complaints.

Please be informed that we have also decided to file an official complaint on the subject with the Turkish Customers Rights Commission.

Attached to this letter are the warranty of the dishwasher and the purchase receipt.

We hope that these measurements will lead us to a satisfactory result for all parties.

Siemens Turkey does not help, please look forward to your support...

Thank you for your attention.

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