To Whom it May Concern: 04/10/2017 We have had an issue with your organization located in – Craig Menear email address

Anthony Grabowski sent a message to Craig Menear - Chairman, CEO and President of The Home Depot email address that said:

To Whom it May Concern: 04/10/2017
We have had an issue with your organization located in Fremont California; I look forward to resolving this challenge without any news media attention or legal battles that may lie ahead.
A few weeks ago I had purchased a brand new lawnmower that had been marked down because it was a floor model. I had also purchased a smoker and several other items that same day. I had asked the gentlemen behind the counter if we could receive a bulk discount or a military discount? He informed me that he would need to clear it with the M.O.D. (Manager on Duty) and one or the other discount would be used but not both. I acknowledged that either one would be fine as I wasnt looking to “Double Dip”
About 30 minutes later I was informed that a $50.00 bulk discount would be applied to the purchase price.
The payment was made and it had cleared the credit card company as payment to your organization. This has now become a legal binding contract and “MUST” be treated as such.
When I tried to start the lawnmower it refused to start, after about 50 pulls later on the cord I realized it was futile and decided to return the unit to the Fremont California Home Depot facility. I spoke to Katie a manager from the garden area and her options were for me to invest another couple hundred dollars in another new lawnmower that wasnt a floor model but in a box, or purchase another floor model one that may or may not have worked again, but that would cost more than what I originally paid the first lawn mower. Katie also refused to honor the original contract and agreement with the $50 discount as she informed me the contract was null and void as I am returning the original unit. I was perplexed at this response and realized that Home Depots customer service had gone to Hell in a hand basket.
I disagreed with Katie and informed her that lemon laws are in affect here and a breach of contract has occurred without going into too many “Tort” laws that were broken. I just wanted this lawnmower fixed or another one of like for like. But Katie refused to negotiate and told me had I bought the extended warranty that she had maybe been able to help me. HUH??????
I would like to know what does an extended warranty have to do with a lawnmower that was a few days old, D.O.A., has never been used and would not start the first time I tried to start. Also the men in the Equipment rental area of the store who gave the diagnosis of a bad carburetor had informed me of using High grade octane gas of 92 octane. They said this will make the motor run better. I contacted three local lawn mower repair shops and they informed me this was a false statement as lawnmowers are not made the same way as automobiles are and I would be wasting money using high octane gas.
As you can view on the front of the mower it clearly states that it is “GUARENTEED TO START”. Who wants to step up to the plate and take responsibility for this? “Home Depot” for the sale of the product? “Briggs and Stratton” who made the engine? Or “Toro” for the assembly and production of the unit?
I have a few solutions to resolve this predicament:
1.) Have the rental/repair shop at your Fremont facility repair the carburetor, they themselves said was not working and attach a one year warranty for parts and labor against defect of the entire lawnmower.
2.) I will take the lawnmower to a certified lawnmower repair shop and your company pays either by P.O. or check to the approved company.
3.) There is an identical lawnmower at the Home Depot in Campbell California see attached pictures. We can trade like for like the lawnmower in Campbell California for the D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival) lemon lawnmower that is now a paper weight in my garage.

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