To whom it may concern hello it just happened I had a serious compliants against – Lee KunHee email address

hani mahmood lubady sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung - email address that said:

To whom it may concern
hello it just happened I had a serious compliants against your regional office Jordan .this has been been going for almost 3 years and more they gave me promises over and over and they did nothing to the solve the problems.the problem is in your managers in the office seems they dont care about any one nor care about your business in Jordan seems some stores only have the privileges and all kinds of what is offered but most of the stores get nothing.i will get in to some details like the commissions when there is an advertising campaign seems they think all merchants are liars, there are always big differences when it comes to pay back the merchants. is it a matter of trust ????????? or what.even the phones are sold .now another major issue they gave me promises many times to bring counters to display your goods but never ever get any thing while some other stores already had it seems it is a personal privilege with your managers in the head office in amman .the supervisors that came in my store for this long period tried there best but the managers in the office carless or they just sit in the office to do the paper work and that is is a must to send your managers to the stores and solve problems not just getting paid for a paper work. the see through ads on the glass my god most of it are old ads for an old devices .some stores they dont have your devices and they get a full decorations.i am just wondering is this the way to raise your share of sales and do good business or it is just a matter of the manager mood?????????I dont know what is happening in that office what they do?
I am sorry for my harsh words but I am just sick and tired of there way of running business and promises they promised me personaly.
hope to get in touch with me and I can explain for you more and more of other detials.
yours truly
hani lubady
p.s my mobile #00962797179079

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