To whom it may concern, Working for a Fortune 500 company – I know the – Gerard M Anderson email address

Roxanne Jajo sent a message to Gerard M. Anderson - Chief Executive Officer of DTE Energy Company - Email Address that said:

To whom it may concern,

Working for a Fortune 500 company - I know the importance of client service. DTE has failed on this and I am reaching out to you disappointed with the service provided from DTE. I moved out of my apartment in the end of April and cancelled my service that same month. In May I was sent an email that my charge were going to be 111 dollars. Not quite sure what happened with that but yesterday I then got charged 144 dollars. I called DTE concerned with what was going on. I was told it was a system error and that I was never charged. I asked why that wasnt communicated and they just said because it was a system error. I then asked why I was now charged 144 vs. the 111 dollars that I was told in a documented email I would be charged and they told me because it was a system error? I am baffled at the fact that there was no communication about a system error so that I could understand what would be going on with my money. The customer service rep seemed annoyed that I was asking questions regarding the system error and didnt seem to be listening but repeating what she was saying. I am extremely disappointed with the customer service and I can only imagine how many emails you get but I know that you know this is not how a customer should feel or be treated. Service matters and DTE failed. I hope this email only helps better the process with the customer service reps in doing the right thing.

Roxanne Jajo

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