To whom it may concern,I am very upset that this day in age BBamp – Kelly S King email address

Andrew Walker sent a message to Kelly S. King Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BBT Corporation Email Address that said:

To whom it may concern,

I am very upset that this day in age BBT still charges $36 per incident for these fees. Normal a returned item fee for example if I try to send money to my Pay-Pal account is no longer done by a person but automatically done by a server and the overdraft decision I would think is done the same way. I understand the bank has to make money but in outrageous fees isnt the correct way. I could understand more around $5 to $10 per incident or a monthly cuttoff fee of $100 but having to pay $348 this month like I did is crazy. I understand it was my fault and could have been prevented but we all make costly mistakes and sometimes others show compassion and help out if they can. Fees like this is one reseaon I will have to move my SSI direct deposit to another institution that has lower fees and I am sure others have done the same and agree with me. Thank you for your time and service and wish BBT well in the future.


Andrew Walker

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