To whom it may concern:My name Deb and I live in Connecticut. Our closest store – Hubert Joly email address

Deborah Ryder sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy email address that said:

To whom it may concern:

My name Deb and I live in Connecticut. Our closest store is in Manchester, Connecticut. After spending three weeks in ICU, I returned home to a broken printer. My disability makes for a longer recovery. Finally on January 25th, I did an online chat. I told the representative I needed an AIO with fax, but more important because of the disability, I cant operate the printer from the screen and had to use my mouse. Ive had two printers that worked this way. The rep asked me to wait while he looked. He came back with the Canon PIXMA TR8520. I was told it was a good printer, had all the features I wanted and they could be performed using my mouse. I told him that if it couldnt be run via the mouse it be returned. He said that wouldnt be a problem and it could be returned to the store. I placed the order which totaled $159.50. It was delivered Jan. 30.

I had to wait over two weeks for someone to install it. Installation took two days. In our conversation with Canon, we find out that the printer functions CANNOT be run using the mouse. My brother called BestBuy, explained the situation and the gentleman said it was past the return deadline. I asked if that meant I was stuck with a printer I couldnt use which I wouldnt have bought if I had been given accurate information. We then asked to speak to the manager. My brother repeated the story. She said she couldnt credit my BestBuy account because it was past the return policy but she could issue a store credit. I told I didnt want a store credit because I didnt cause this problem but it appears Im paying for it. She suggested we contact the online chat for the credit. Called, explained everything and he said he couldnt do anything as it was past the return policy. It appears the big obstacle in this sale is your return policy. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Best Buy is required to make "reasonable modifications" to the way they do things when serving people with disabilities.

Youre probably wondering why all this aggravation over $159.50? Well, to me, its a lot of money when your only income is disability. I really hope you can help.

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