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To whom it may concerns, I am writing with great frustration regarding my recent purchase – Peter Agne email address

jiayan sent a message to Peter Agne President and CEO, IKEA that said:

To whom it may concerns,

I am writing with great frustration regarding my recent purchase of IKEA bed frame
I went to Ikea Elizebath, NJ around the end of August wishing to purchase a nice set of furniture because my recent move. I paid over 90 dollars in shipping, spend over 4 hours on assembly only to find out a defect in one nut, leading a crack on the supporting beam. I called your customer services 3 -4 times (1-3 hours waiting time each call!!!) finally have the product exchanged today!

I spent another 4 hours in installation, just to find out that i accidentally installed the headboard and side piece in reverse, and there is no hole on the wood piece for me to screw. Even more ridiculously, there is no MID BEAM in the package, which means i have to make another trip to pick up a $10 product?! I have notice that when i search the bed frame in the local store help desk, the system only tells me to pick up 2 package, (NO Slats, NO midbeam), I made another trip yesterday just to pick up the Slats. But among over 10 hours i wasted on the phone, nobody pointed out that i need to pick up more items for the bed frame so that it will function!! Neither during my check out in the store, and while i was checking in my stuff for delivery.

I moved on Aug 28, and having been sleeping on the floor for 2 WEEKS now!! At this point, i just want to say please have someone come and pick up the bed frame slats and give me a refund. I will have to buy an assembled bed elsewhere!!!!!!
I am so tired of everything! i am heading out of the country this Saturday and won't be back one month later, with moving, working and packing at the same time. I can't afford spending 2 hours everyday on the phone with your customer line or spending one and half hours round trip driving to your store so that i can have a bed to sleep in!!!!!

Please have someone to call me and have it resolved, I would greatly appreciate it.

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