Today my husband and I went into Suntrust Bank in Berea S.C. We came – William H Rogers Jr email address

Theresa  sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks – Email Address that said:

Today my husband and I went into Suntrust Bank in Berea S.C. We came to add another deposit to our IRA. We were told we got the $45,000 out of deposit the same day we deposited it, we were horrified. They told us our oney was gone and that they had ISSUED US A CHECK for $45,000 the same day we open the IRA. Customer service told us the same thing. I came home and got our paperwork, I have a receipt where I deposited the money but I DONT HAVE A WITHDRAWAL . Suntrust called the customer service on the statement I had, and they verified, that one of your employees, Randall  who was the assistant Vice President who I was also told COULD AT THAT TIME SEPT.23RD 2008 MAKE INVESTIMATES, We did not know he had done this , he did this without our permission. We were getting quartly statements from New York Life, but we assumed that it was some type internal investimate since it still had SUNTRUST INVESTIMATE SERVICES.
Bottom line this employee made money off us, and he did this WITHOUT our permission. My husbands signature was on the deposit and withdrawal, but we NEVER authorized your employee to invest our money, We thought up until today it was sitting in your bank in an IRA. Thus our visit today to add to the IRA, WHEN WE DISCOVERED ALL THIS. Also a coupe of years after we opened the IRA we took about 14 or 15 thousand dollars out of it. HOW DID YOUR EMPLOYEE DO THIS FOR US IF THE MONEY WAS ALREADY IN NEW YORK LIFE. And at the local branch it show we deposited 45,000, but it also says that very day Suntrust wrote us a check for the 45,000, but in reality your employee took our IRA and sold it/invested it for his GAIN WITHOUT our knowing what he was doing. I want a full investigation, I want the video tape pulled from Chris  office today from 11.30 am until 12,30 or 1.00pm showing how they acted towards us, especially the black female who smirked the entire time, who was rude and hateful. Yes I was loud and yes I was upset, because they told us our money was gone, we took it, UNTIL WE HAD TO PROVE Randall Williamson did this to us. Yes I called SLED, SECRET SERVICE , SHERIFF DEPARTMENT, AND FRAUD UNIT. I WANT ANSWERS~! Can I get them from you? Sincerely Theresa

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