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Desiree Russo sent a message to Tony Thomas that said:

Good evening, I am contacting you directly in hopes you are able to assist my company immediately. Today we launched with Broadview, Windstream and Dataprise and my company operations (call center) has been severely negatively effected. Yeiner Brath was onsite today for the port over, and was PHENOMINAL, but unable to assist any further than he did, which was a port over of our phones, due to restricted allowed time onsite. Originally, we were sold on the system in the Melville, NY location, as we are located closely in Hauppauge, NY. We had restrictions within our original phone system/ provider, but in viewing your system, wanted to switch immediately due to abilities shown to us during sales for call centers. Unfortunately, in today’s launch at 7a, our OfficeSuite portal was not set up as we were advised it was, and our ques and call routing, night modes, auto attendant, .wav files for our custom greetings and call routing, voicemails, applications and agents were all not set up and we were launched. My company today has been in shambles, with our Clients and Vendors calling into cell phones, and my employees utilizing their personal phones in order to keep the business moving forward. Two of my employees spend from 2:30p – 7p with Trey Kelso, Rene Schwart and Bob Carne, resulting in Trey having to manually switch our phones into night mode at 7p, funneling it all to one cell phone and one afterhours employee, as of all the items listed above, nothing was fixed. As a company owner, I am sure you can appreciate and understand CS Hudson’s frustration and need for your immediate assistance. We are being told there is no onsite support that can be provided to us, and have another call scheduled for 8a tomorrow, in an attempt to get the call center up and running properly. CS Hudson cannot afford another day of non- operational phones, ques, and agents, and I would greatly appreciate any and all assistance that can be provided to us to ensure our operation is up and running first thing tomorrow morning.

Appreciate your time and look forward to your response.

Thank you,
Desiree Russo
VP Of Operations
CS Hudson Inc

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