@tonythomaswin – Tony Thomas – I am contacting you to let you know about a phone call I received July

Margaret kidney sent a message to Tony Thomas that said:

I am contacting you to let you know about a phone call I received July 20,2018 it was between 4 and 5 pm central time. The call came from 828-536-9009 and apparently from a supervisor office named Ron.
I got the call because I had typed a complaint about the lack of service received when I was trying to get my sister in laws phone repaired since June 25. The first man ask me if the phone had been repaired and I told him yes and he said it would be going out again for a week and he said I will put you on hold and let you talk to my supervisor Ron.?Well I don’t know what he did but I could hear every word he and Ron were saying, my phone was on speaker and my husband also heard all of the comments. The F word was used repeatedly and I was referred to as a B—— several times. My husband was furious and after trying to tell them we were hearing all they said repeatedly Ron got on the phone and said very nicely how may I help you. My husband said he didn’t handle the situation right because he was so furious at what we heard he told Ron he wanted to know where he was because he would come whip his A—, I took the phone back and told Ron that I heard every word they said and he told me I had no business listening to their conversation. He told me repeatedly to shut up and that my sister in law would never have a windstream telephone again and that she would lose her electricity also. I can not believe you have someone like this working for you. We have been a windstream customer over 40 years and never experienced anything like this . After writing a letter to the board of directors and no response our kids wanted us to contact you. I know it is our word against his but this is the absolute truth.
Thank you for listening and on August 7 they fixed my sister in laws phone.

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