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Mr. Thomas I am contacting you because I can get NO help from anyone at Windstream. I have been a Windstream customer for about 20yrs. About 3 weeks ago, I came home to my services being suspended for non-payment. I called because I had already set up payments to come out of my account and asked why this happened and was never given an answer from the agent. I was told that I needed to set up the remainder monies owed or my services would not be restored. I asked for more time (a week) so I could have the money when it was due and I was told no. So I called this past Friday January 31, to cancel that payment of $278.00 and reset up another arrangement. I was told I could do this and the agent on the Windstream side even talked to her supervisor and had $94 dollars taken off my bill for all the hassle I had been thru. I was put in contact with Dish were the arrangements were made. As of today the payment of $278 was drafted out of my account as well as the $6.95, this was not suppose to happen and now my account is in the rears. I will also as of tonight have the money come out of my account where I set the arrangement up with Dish, which now will bounce. I have called and spoke to many people at Windstream and get disconnected or they have been rude or can't help me. I implore you to help me resolve this horrible matter. Thank you for your time.
Jennifer Patterson

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