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Mr. Thomas,
My name is Richard Mascio and I have been a Windstream customer since Oct of 2005. My credit card gives quarterly 5% cash back on designated accounts of which Windstream is a participant in the first quarter this year. I normally pay by account with the bill pay service provided by my financial institution but am going to use my credit card these first three months so as I may debit my credit card by as much as $20 for the three month run. I would be a bigger fool than I am if I did not capitalize on the offer but cannot pay through Windstream's online pay site because it will not let me sign up for the service. I called customer support but the girl was rude and did not know how to handle the situation. She wanted me to give her my credit card number and she would take care of it. That is not an option for me when I should have access to the bill pay service you provide so that I have a PDF or Screen shot record of the transaction as well as the paper bill I receive. I am very prudent in my record keeping and guard the only credit card I have since having more than one is ridicules and would only reduce my credit rating below 815, something I take pride in.
The only other thing that I feel might preclude me from attaining a pay account is the fact that it appears I have two account numbers associated with my Windstream account, 072219499 on my paper bill and INF-1448786 that shows up on my on line account. I have no idea that this is the problem but I just though you might like to know. There is one other problem that even your linesman know in this area that cell phone service in my immediate location is non existance but can be received just a half a mile in either direction on th read in front of my house.
Bu please shake the tree and see if any thing floats down to solve my pay dilemma.
Thank you,
Richard Mascio

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