I am writing this with regard to the manufacturing defect of the – Akio Toyoda email address

Sivakumar sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation – email address that said:

Toyota (GB) plc
PO Box 814
United Kingdom

Copy - Toyota, Aichi, Japan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this with regard to the manufacturing defect of the engine and your follow up repair of my Toyota car . Please see below email trail of our previous correspondence for your reference.

Due to this manufacturing defect Toyota put us on serious danger.

You have recalled my car and repaired the damaged engine. However, Toyota failed to address this issue in full terms of the consequence of this event that has possibly damaged other car parts as well. For this reason, I have categorically requested Toyota a damage assessment report in order for me to evaluate health and safety risk and possible impact to the car not only the engine other sections as well, however Toyota turned down my request, instead provide me only a list of parts that have been changed.

Now I am facing many issues with my car, and I have reasons to believe all these are related to this particular incident and subsequent repair. Ever since this repair, I have been noticing that engine pick up (power) of the car is severely reduced, and the engine revive goes unstable and at many occasions the gear moved to neutral while on the drive, These have caused serious risk of accident and health and safety hazards. I am certain that any expert would understand the possible damages if they study the events. When the car became out of control and accelerating, I had to apply the brakes and move my gear to neutral to try and stop the car

As all these issues are related to your manufacturing flaw and the subsequent repair, I kindly urge to conduct a full inspection of my car , assessment of the health and safety and fix all the issues caused/damaged by this event. I sincerely hope that Toyoto will act upon my request swiftly; otherwise in order to ensure health and safety of myself and my family, I will seek compensation through legal means.

Awaiting your response.

Yours sincerely


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