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Hello I wish I would have seen this be able to contact you and it's you that I am still having started I believe November 2017 I placed first Christmas with 10 items in order every one of the orders or missing items and my card was charged for them trying to get the refund process for the items I never received since the item. And I did not receive them I should have not been charged they were unsuccessful getting that done after days and hours so I was appeasement code to suffice for the items as I went to use them apparently that was the same day that all of them stop without notice so I reach back out to customer service and she had the district manager call me nothing was done there as well as I try to make very clear as stuff that was going on in our local store at the time that was set to close but employees were even checking their own self out it was horrible I've never seen a thing in nature but the lady ended up giving me a gift card to take care of those things because nothing else was done at our local store had already closed I had to go out of town about an hour away to the Fayetteville location so that way I could use the gift card so I didn't feel like I was getting stole from it's a gift card had to be used by the 21st I went there the weekend prior of the 21st coming up as I was in the store initially what is a bad experience because of the employees but it was stop once myself and my husband said something so we went to check out I pulled up the e-gift card and the cashier scanned it I was having issues so I manager come to help and when she scanned it it was showing a gift card was a $0 balance I even still have the receipt of the last purchase that was made and showing the balance of the gift card at $97 and some change I was very pursuant about asking them to contact somebody to look into it for me seeing how the gift cards would not work after the 21st and I did not live there and in that was only a few days away I was never contacted I contacted them multiple times I do have record of all of that as well one person told me that the district manager never contacted them back they could not make them do nothing about it or even call me I asked for the District phone number they refused to give it stating they did not have it a different manager at different times said she sure at the least they would make it right at least right just at store level because I had already contacted them numerous times and had not got a contact back she assured that they would make sure I was taking care of still nothing finally I was able to get in contact with Sean and he told me that he was never contacted for the store supposably the store is stating otherwise and he has done nothing either had I not followed the date guidelines and everything I would have expected that to happen since I did and it was things that I have purchased did not receive and the money should have never been charged anyway and I followed all of the other things I definitely feel I should have been taken care of now I am out money feeling like I was still from with nothing being done in the stores are all closing I would really appreciate if someone would contact me to take care of this

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