Trina Luke 851 Jonas Circle Chesnee, South Carolina 29323 BBT200 West Second StreetWinston-Salem NC – Kelly S King email address

Trina M Luke sent a message to Kelly S. King Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BBT Corporation Email Address that said:

Trina Luke
851 Jonas Circle
Chesnee, South Carolina 29323
200 West Second Street
Winston-Salem NC 27101

Mr. King,

I have been a good-standing BBT customer for several years. I have a checking and saving account and I have had my mortgage through your bank. Each month, I utilize your bill pay option to pay my bills. At the beginning of this month, on 1/02/2018 I went into bill pay and paid my bills for the month, as I normally would do. About 30 minutes after I was done paying my bills, I went in and looked at my account. My account showed that I had a balance of $1,676.17 and an overdraft fee of $216.00. I realized that I did not have the amount in my checking to pay for the bills that were in a pending status. I tried to go into bill pay less than an hour after submitting them to delete the payments. The system would not let me.

I Immediately called BBT customer service; they said that because it was after 7pm that I was not able to delete any of the bills that I paid that were in posting status even though BBT does not even send the check out for 2-5 business days.

On 1/02/2018, I then went into my saving account and transferred $578.00, which would have covered the bills that I had paid up until that point. On 1/03/2018, when I woke up I noticed that the funds did not transfer. I hit continue, but I must of not hit submit. I called the bank customer service line again and tried to delete the bill payment that I had made online. The representative stated again that there was nothing they could do.

I do not get paid until 1/20/2018. Meanwhile, until 1/20/2018 I will incur charges. Every bill that I paid online that has been processed came with an overdraft fee: 1/02 $216.00 ($72.00 refunded); 1/03 overdraft fee 36.00; 1/04 overdraft fee 72.00; 1/08 overdraft fee $72.00; 1/10 prior day return item fee $36.00; 1/10 negative account balance fee $36.00; 1/11 overdraft fee $36.00; 1/12 overdraft fee $72.00; 1/16 overdraft fee $36.00. These charges total to $540.00. They did refund me one negative balance fee. What is a return item fee?

I understand that a negative account comes with charges but I am a teacher and my husband is a stay at home father to our 2 year old and 8 month old twins. My income is the only one that we have coming in and my employer has not been paying me the correct salary. I am hoping that you are able to reverse some or all of the charges and overdraft fees that I was trying to prevent before my account went into a negative status. I am very upset by this and I appreciate your time and anything that you can do for my account.

Thank you,
Trina and Robert Luke

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