TRUMP’S PHYSICIAN REFUTES FRAUD ALLEGATIONS In December 2015, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein released a – Sheldon Adelson email address

Gregory sent a message to Sheldon Adelson Chairman and CEO, Las Vegas Sands Corp. – email address that said:


In December 2015, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein released a letter reporting “astonishingly excellent” test results for his most famous patient, GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. A September 2016 follow-up embraced the same bottom line: “excellent physical health.”

Neither letter cited a possible genetic link to Alzheimer’s disease: the death of Trump senior from complications due to late-onset Alzheimer’s. More importantly, both letters deflected attention from doubts about Donald J. Trump’s mental condition.

Concerned that Dr. Bornstein might be misleading the voting public, on September 22, I filed complaints with the New York Attorney General and N.Y. Board of Professional Medical Conduct. Each complaint seeks investigation into an allegedly fraudulent attempt to impact the election.

On August 31, before filing the complaints, I contacted Dr. Bornstein by email, granting an opportunity to review the drafts and correct any factual errors I might have inadvertently made.

Dr. Bornstein responded by email. On national TV, he has conveyed an impression of being fairly loquacious. By contrast, his email wrote off the complaints with breathtaking economy. His reply consisted entirely of “Manga merda,” which, thanks to Google, I learned means “Eat s***.”

On September 1, I offered Dr. Bornstein a chance to submit a more temperate response. By email, he said “I am currently at the police department,” implying that he was lodging a police report against me. (If so, New York authorities have yet to make contact.)

Dr. Bornstein’s scatological dismissal of the fraud allegations has done little to alleviate fears about Trump’s mental state, which arise from his erratic conduct:

Obsessive clinging to the “birther” assault on President Obama’s legitimacy, a five-year smear campaign tinged with racial bigotry.

Abrupt flip-flop on the “birther” issue, possibly implicating bipolar disorder, memory impairment, or dissociation from reality.

Tacit solicitation of lethal violence against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by “Second Amendment people.”

Chimerical claim to have seen “thousands” of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11.

Threat to order the slaughter of the families of suspected terrorists, an unprecedented violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Trivializing of NATO alliances and the risks of nuclear proliferation.

Narcissistic avowal that “I know more about ISIS than the generals do.”

Napoleonesque rant that the U.S. should have “taken the oil” in Iraq.

Warmongering bluster that he would order firing on Iranian sailors as reprisal for “gesturing” at American vessels.

Delusional tweet that global warming constitutes a Chinese hoax to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

Misogynistic boast about groping womens privates.

Salacious preoccupation with his daughter Ivanka’s body.

Paranoia that the November election is “going to be rigged.”

Trump's behavior has sown serious doubts concerning his temperament, and has instilled dread about the fate of my native country if enough fellow citizens are gulled into elevating an unstable demagogue to the Oval Office.

Until now, 2008 struck me as the most momentous electoral campaign in my lifetime. Terrifyingly, the present election may well trump President Obama’s triumph, pun intended.

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