Tv and internet service was previously provided by Direct Tv and Att, respectively. One – Thomas M Rutledge email address

Jim Kopsas sent a message to Thomas M. Rutledge Chief Executive Officer and President of Charter Communications, Inc. Email Address that said:

Tv and internet service was previously provided by Direct Tv and Att, respectively. One of your salespeople stopped with a buyout proposal. Our service rate, at the time, was $90 for the combined service. He couldnt match that but he contact his regional manager, Keith Knudsen, who said he could do a "cost comparison." I asked for that in writing but he said he couldnt do the necessary adjustments until after installation. I trusted him at his word and allowed the charter installation. The rate, though a bit higher, that we agreed on was $95.96/mo. I have fought with Charter every month since. My bill has been any where between $135.96/mo to $110.96/mo. but never the promised price that Mr. Knudsen gave me. In Dec. I spoke with Renee in customer service/billing and she told me that my monthly rate, through march 2018, would be $95.96/mo. pending research into the matter so thats what I paid in Dec. I just got my bill for Jan. and am being billed for the difference, $124.17-$110.96 plus $110.96. Linda, customer service/billing, told me on Monday (jan.8) that there was no record of any adjustment. I am so angry with charter that there is no communication or information recorded to support my claim. I told your manager to never come to our subdivision again or I will call the police for solicitation violations. I realize that a customer is a person during the sales process and once we accept service we become nothing more than a service #. I for one am so disgusted with charter that I will never use your service again in the future. Integrity seems to have gotten lost somewhere in your corporate pursuits. Jim Kopsas

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