Unfortunately I have to file a complaint against Winn-Dixie store #328. As I had purchased – Ian McLeod email address

Corbin A. Bruton sent a message to Ian McLeod - CEO, Southeastern Grocers - Email Address that said:

Unfortunately I have to file a complaint against Winn-Dixie store #328. As I had purchased a fresh loaf of Daves Killer Bread , so I thought, only to get home and open it and see the mold that had taken over the entire loaf. The bag tag had it expiring on April 9th and yesterday was April 14th. I understand vendors oversee this area but this now makes more than one occasion in many different departments that I have found old and expired food. When I buy foods I always reach to the back of the stack to gain the freshest product. As food products are rotated or should be to keep the oldest and most likely to expire first up front to sell sooner I have been finding just the opposite at this store. The oldest product is pushed to the back, in another instance of mine concerning bagged lettuce, and the new is placed in the front? I have watched the produce department also put out fresh boxes of tomatoes, potatoes, etc... on top of already soft, leaking, damaged and rotten product. The flies and bugs circling this area are of some concern too. I have monitored this behavior for over 8 months now and can barely stand to go into this store and shop period! Ive even gotten old, smelly and slimy deli sliced meat. $9 a lb. at that! This one store is responsible for allot of people local and tourists alike because of its location and nothing else being available. It is difficult to find an employee to tell or show these problems to without going up to an already busy customer service desk and the cashiers are texting on their phones while scanning my groceries. Overlooking mistakes on sale items normally. Publix has become a more trusted source for my food purchases even though the drive is twice as far and twice as long with traffic. A new Publix is being built just a few miles away as we speak and is guaranteed to take half of this Win-Dixies as it is closer to the majority that need it. Something has happened at this store, it used to be a lot better. Unfortunately I am cancelling my membership with Winn-Dixie at this time and using all sources of media to share this gross negligence. For the sake of my family, friends and vacationers so they do not waste their money and possibly become sickened by expired rotting food.
Corbin A. Bruton

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