@united – Oscar Munoz – NAMES: Frank Gregg, Major US Army, (Retired), Frequent Flyer # EFN 48563. Spouse: Brigitte Gregg

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NAMES: Frank Gregg, Major US Army, (Retired), Frequent Flyer # EFN 48563. Spouse: Brigitte Gregg,. Frequent Flyer # GKN 05670. We are both SILVER category Members.

I have Three Complaints:
ONE: On Tuesday 10 April, my wife and I flew on United # 940 from Newark (EWR) to London Heathrow (LHR). My seat was 24A, my wife's seat was 24B. The condition beside my seat was deplorable. There was food, bread and some sort of vegetables on the floor, plus a ladies lipstick, or eye liner, between the seat in front of me and the bulkhead.

TWO: For my meal, I requested "Chicken". There were three small pieces of chicken, about the size of dice, The salad was WARM and limp. The butter was liquid and hot, while the Ice cream could be poured from the container. My wife request "Pasta", but was in the same poor condition, salad limp and warm, ice cream pourable (Etc).

THREE: My wife and I need extended seats, because of our height. A few years ago this was not a problem, because we were GOLD members. Since that time, I have always tried to get the extended seats 24 hours before flight time. On this flight, I couldn't use the 24 hour time, because of a Doctors appointment (Skin Cancer). Therefore, I bought the extended seats at $193.00, per person. I have been told, I can request a refund of this money. BUT whenever we have a "Code share" flight (Normally Lufthansa) we attempt to get the extended seat to no avail. United says "Go to Lufthansa, Lufthansa says they can't do it because it is a "Code share" flight. Lufthansa states we can choose our seat 23 hours before flight time, HOWEVER there has never been an extended seat 23 hours in advance. HELP!

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