Update 9/1/16 Well, Melinda’s surgery was more involved and more in depth with a SLAP labrum – Abigail Pierrepont Abby Johnson email address

Kyle sent a message to Abigail Johnson – President and Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Investments and Chairman of Fidelity Worldwide Investment email address that said:

Update 9/1/16
Well, Melinda's surgery was more involved and more in depth with a SLAP labrum tear (superior labral tear from anterior to posterior). The surgery went well but Melinda started going down bad on the 2nd day of recovery. Again she was prescribed the oxy group meds in conjunction with nausea meds and they didn't work well together. Yesterday morning at about 10:00 AM I was giving Melinda her meds and she started slipping fast and her respiration was slowing down and her heart rate was sky high. I tried desperately to wake her up but to no avail. I then noticed her good arm, (not in the sling) was starting to turn blue and then her lips went blue as well. I was freaking out but decided to call 911 and the operator told me to get her off the couch and on the floor on her back. She then said that we were going to clear the airway because at that time Melinda was breathing at about four breaths per minute. (NOT GOOD!) The operator then said to tilt her neck back with my right hand and open her airway/mouth with my left. I did so and all of a sudden Melinda let out a huge gasp of air which was a great sign. I then noticed that her eyes were starting to turn yellow and I knew that if help wasn't here immediately that her life would be waning. After She let out that huge breath and breathed in again the door knocked within another 30 seconds and their were about 8 paramedics/first responders and 4 policemen working on Melinda. They gave her a Narcan shot in the ambulance and then she started to stabilize. She stayed in the hospital last night and was well enough to come home today, 9/1.
Please I ask of you to send prayers, donate on her go fund me page or share on Facebook, Thank you. Kyle
I pray that none of you ever have to experience the feeling of almost loosing a loved one in such a rapid fashion.

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