@UPS – David Abney – For the second time in a row I have refused a UPS shipment due to

Julie Adams sent a message to David Abney that said:

For the second time in a row I have refused a UPS shipment due to the driver lying about attempting delivery. I am a stay at home wife and mother, therefor HOME during the day. The driver does not come to the door, nor ring the doorbell and then I get a notice that I have failed my portion of the "attempted" delivery. Today, I got a notice at 1:26 PM PST that delivery was attempted. The email informed me it would be reattempted at my address. Interesting considering I was home and no doorbell rang yet it works for Fed Ex and others, I went out to check for a tag on the gate and there was none. Yet when my husband came home, there was a tag (a rare event with this driver!) stating it would be sent to a location several blocks from me for pick up. I do not pay for delivery to my home for no reason. I expect delivery to be truly attempted. I have documentation but I am unable to attach it here. My only choice at this point is to avoid UPS. I don't mind delays but I despise lies and liars and this driver is consistently terrible. If you choose to respond, I can send you the documentation. For now, I refuse to buy from anywhere that utilizes UPS. I don't pay to jump through hoops for a lazy delivery person.

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