@UPS – David Abney – Hello David, My name is Solomone Tanuku. I worked as an industrial engineer with UPS

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Hello David,

My name is Solomone Tanuku. I worked as an industrial engineer with UPS in London for about 10 years. During my work I had seen trends that UPS was a bit slow to react to. I now work at Airbus Defence and Space - Intelligence UK.

1 - The advent of the mobile app technology, when we were investing millions in the DIAD program. I saw a proof of concept on a mobile app when I was with Freight, but I am not sure how far this has progressed.

2 - Back in 2013, we were quite slow noticing the upward trend in e-commerce, i.e. increasing internet purchasing, which we now see as the norm; which has become synonymous with Amazon.

I now see a trend that in my opinion could see a major threat to UPS's longevity. During my time at UPS I saw the volume of packages that Amazon gave us and the impact it had our operation. I see them getting better at delivering their package. Even delivering on Sunday. Their network of warehouses is getting established and their digital platform is second to none (in my opinion).

I know UPS is very good at what it does. I was proud to know when I was working at UPS that we were an engineering company delivering parcels. Keyword here is parcels. If a company can control the flow parcels than they can have a very big say on the logistics side of things. Therefore, to avoid the fate of HMV and the like, I believe that UPS needs to start thinking of utilizing its warehouse and existing digital platform and diversify into e-commerce. You may have to invest in a data warehouse and improve your platform, but not by much.

UPS has the capacity to change. Looking back on it, when I was at UPS, our infrastructure and platforms were quite advanced. It just needs a bit of tweaking here and there. UPS has the values and capability to do this and the history of the company has shown this.

These are just my thoughts and the decision is yours. But seeing this trend, I'd hate to see UPS not able to adapt.


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