@UPS – David Abney – I have an issue regarding ?UPS Mail Innovations?. I understand covid has slowed some shipping

Aaron Eggerss sent a message to David Abney that said:

I have an issue regarding “UPS Mail Innovations”. I understand covid has slowed some shipping. However, despite that 10 day shipping time averages are too long, and packages have yet to show by the expected by date on the tracking, I have a package that will be excess of 14 days. This particular package shows it was supposed to be dropped off Saturday last week. I have yet to get it. It’s my medications. What frustrates me about this further, is that it shows it was dropped off at my local USPS on 6/19. When speaking to the person at my post office, UPS sent them info that it was being dropped off on 6/19, as well as 6/22. It left KC on 6/19 in the morning. Even if it went thru USPS in Omaha instead of my local, the post office guy said he would see it in their system once it was dropped off. It hasn’t been. The automated system would t get me to anyone, stating what I see, is all the customer serve reps would see, and no further information would be available. Why?!? That’s insane to me. Let alone to think this thing is somewhere between KC and my home in Council Bluffs, basically a suburb of Omaha. For one, I know UPS is better than this. The 3 packages I’ve had come this route seem excessive. Like I said, I understand covid would slow it down, but this shows in my neck of the woods since 6/19, and nobody can tell me where it’s at, or when my meds will show. I’m glad that it’s not life and death, but I feel sorry for those that it could be. This needs looked into, and if you could find someone that may know where my package is, and when it will show. The tracking number is 92748999997647513016161429.

Thank you for your time!

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