@UPS – David Abney – I will NOT ever choose to use UPS when shipping! First, I will not use

Pat sent a message to David Abney that said:

I will NOT ever choose to use UPS when shipping! First, I will not use companies who use other countries for phone support. SHAME ON YOU! Americans need these jobs. SHAME. ON. YOU.! That alone tells me you and your company are NOT making good choices.... and DO NOT give me crap about how this keeps the cost down because your prices are RIDICULOUS!!!
Secondly. You’re website is insanely frustrating. Tried to sign up 4 times in order to see more detailed tracking (where i’m receiving a pkg). The blasted site would NOT allow me to do so. It seemed to accept the info, but then kept giving me msges which didn’t apply. AND, NO place to inform anyone of this. Not that it would matter, because by the time I would go through the process to help your people fix YOUR problems, the pkg would likely be here! And lastly.... seems to me that pkges would come a ton faster if they didn’t land in a gazillion locations along the way. GEEZ. If USPS can get mail to people in 2 days, what is your problem?? OH, that’s right... my pkg HAS to travel all over tarnation first ‘cause “that’s how you’ve always done things.”
It seems that it’s been too long since you’ve been in a position where you can ‘see’ the problems. So sir, get out from behind that desk, roll up your sleeves, do a bit of real work and MAYBE then you can see all the issues with your company!!!

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