@UPS – David Abney – June 26, 2018 UPS Freight Dear Executives Home Depot Order Order # W928647802 June 12

patricia milton sent a message to David Abney that said:

June 26, 2018
UPS Freight
Dear Executives

Home Depot Order
Order # W928647802 June 12, 2018 (Current Order)
Order # WD20727372 May 27, 2018 (Original Order lost)

Hello I am getting the super run around at your UPS Freight office in Atlanta.
Very long story short (leaving out the numerous calls and folks I talked at UPS Freight the way who never followed up and returned calls as they said they would (I do have a list)

Contacted by UPS Freight June 4 to set up delivery. Delivery set for June 6, 2018
Scheduled installation with Home Depot for June 8, 2018 1-5pm
Flew into Atlanta from Cincinnati for install June 6, 2018
Day of scheduled delivery June 6, 2018 and flight informed merchandise did not make it on truck
@ 5:30pm and delivery rescheduled for June 7, 2018----no delivery
Told to stop at UPS Freight when my plane arrived on June 6 and supervisor would find order, spent two hours at facility (I don’t even think they were really looking for merchandise)
This went on for a week delivery scheduled daily and no delivery…and I flew back to Cincinnati with status “lost shipment”

Merchandise reordered.
Called by UPS freight Friday, June 22, 2018 delivery scheduled for Monday, June 25, 2018
Monday called by UPS Freight to schedule delivery as if not scheduled
Turns out Monday was scheduled however merchandise not on truck
2 hours on phone with Home Depot and UPS Freight
Last person I talked to yesterday Chermire Smith (404 635-3260 said I found your merchandise and we will deliver today (Monday, June 25, 2018 before 8pm I will call you when on the way…I am still waiting for her call)
Monday evening June 25, 2018 , Home Depot Resolutions called to confirm delivery for Tuesday, June 26, 2018 told delivery set Jason was to email Home Depot and call me Tuesday am to confirm…I am still waiting
On phone with Home Depot and UPS Freight today 2 hours to confirm delivery today June26, 2018
First told shipment had not arrived in Atlanta
Next told Shipment not loaded and will not be delivered.
The shipment is 50 plus boxes of hardwood flooring to be installed
which has to sit in house 72 hours, prior to installation.
Installation has to be scheduled during the busy summer
I have to fly into Atlanta from Cincinnati again for the install.
Please help to escalate the hands on find and delivery of the shipment.

Thank you,
Patricia Milton

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