@UPS – Scott Davis – Dear Mr Davis, I am an employee at your Canadian branch in Toronto on Steeles

Teoni Kapotas sent a message to Scott Davis that said:

Dear Mr Davis,
I am an employee at your Canadian branch in Toronto on Steeles Are. Work as a data entry clerk part time. Basically I have been working for almost 3 months and very disappointed. I was trained on a computer, reading and reading which was okay but if you have never done a similar job kind of useless because it makes no sense. After 4 days of reading brought up to Sept 5259 and shown how the scanner works and that's it. We started as 4 people we are down to 3 and soon I most likely will be next to leave. Many reasons. I enjoy working but with some sort of stability. I do not like not knowing what time I start and what time I go home.
As for how department works. One thing stands out from a number of observations. We hold packages for a number of reasons. The hold procedure is such a waste if time and paper. We write down information and put one paper enter it in the program and print varicose. Put one paper on box and two copies in our outbox to be scanned. This takes approximately 8 minutes. This uses 3 sheets of paper and three labels. I am not sure why this is the procedure. When it gets very busy it is so frustrating. It is a waste of time, paper and money. I am not sure if this email goes to you or anyone in corporate to look into this but I think there are many areas that need improvement for better business, faster service and less waste.

Thank you
Teoni Kapotas

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