URGENT. Dear Sir I am very dissatisfied with the service we have received from Renault – Carlos Ghosn email address

Mr Peter sent a message to Carlos Ghosn – Chairman and CEO, Renault – Email Address that said:


Dear Sir,
I am very dissatisfied with the service we have received from Renault, we have bought Renault cars for many years,
Our latest new car was a Renault Captur Automatic.
We bought it in March 2016.
We experienced a fault with the indicators back in June. ( i.e. they failed to work on various occasions, this is a very dangerous situation especially when driving on a motorway.)
We took it back to the dealership and they tried to fix it on several occasions, but it still occurred after many attempts at trying to put it right.
They advised us to contact Renault UK, which we did.
They in turn started talks with Renault France Engineers.
After many weeks of waiting, they came up with a temporary solution.
This was to start the car in neutral and not in park as the manual dictates.
We were also told in no uncertain terms to go and collect our car from the dealership, as they were no longer going to finance the courtesy car they had given us, as the problem as far as they were concerned was not now deemed to be a safety issue,
In all faith we went to the dealership to pick up our car, but the dealership would not release it, because they said what the French engineers had suggested doing was not possible to carry out.
The problem was put back to the French engineers, and we are still awaiting a solution.
We are very unhappy with this situation and feel that your engineers are not capable of sorting out this problem.
We have lost all confidence in this car and in the Renault Company and would like a replacement vehicle.
We could not risk taking out our grandchildren in this car again for fear of having an accident.
We paid £19000 for it in March 2016, and we have only had approximately 12 weeks trouble free motoring out of 32 weeks.
We have had the latest courtesy car now for 12 weeks with no sign of an end date.
The dealership have stated that they would not be prepared to buy the car back from us, as in all honesty they could not sell the car on to another client knowing that there is a safety issue.
Should we have to accept the car back, we would definitely require written confirmation that it was now safe, as we do not trust your engineers words at all.
The car whilst sitting idle on the forecourt is depreciating, therefore we would be looking for a great deal of compensation to cover this and the trauma it has caused us.
We are pensioners.
We have followed the law completely, and have been extremely patient in waiting for a solution.
We are now at the end of our tether, and would like you to intervene and bring this saga to a close.
We have been dealing with the Dealership, Renault U.K, RCI. Finance, they all have details on file of our case.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,


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