@USAA – Stuart Parker – Dear Mr. Parker, Over the years, I have grown to love USAA. I see one

Patricia Surrey sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

Dear Mr. Parker,

Over the years, I have grown to love USAA. I see one major flaw and it isn't based on that rare mistake anyone in business can make. It's the attitude of some of your employees. I will describe an example to you.

Last month, my electric bill didn't clear with my other bills which I have scheduled to go out each month. I checked and realized that for some unknown reason, Bill Pay sent a check rather than pay it electronically. I figured it was 'Southwestern Electric' no longer accepting electronic payments. Well, this month, the electric bill AND our mortgage to Suntrust Bank were paid by check. I called each of these billers and they most definitely receive electronic payments. I called USAA and spoke to three different representatives. The first one basically told me it cannot be USAA's mistake and that USAA allows bill pay as a service to their customers. Sounds like another way of saying USAA is doing us a favor??? I was told to click on the name of the biller, which I did and it states that they do not accept electronic payments. NOT TRUE!!

The bottom line is this: If having an RV loan, life insurance, credit cards, home owners insurance, auto insurance, checking accounts, etc. is not good for USAA and you don't want or need our business, then I am VERY sure we can take it somewhere else. I have no other choice since USAA refuses to fix this issue.

Thank you!

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