@USAA – Stuart Parker – Good Morning, I am a very dissatisfied customer. We transfered many of our accounts to

Sandi Shear sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

Good Morning,

I am a very dissatisfied customer. We transfered many of our accounts to USAA expecting excellent customer service. That has not been the case.

I am attempting to set up an account. We submitted the info prior to your decision not to allow these types of accounts. We were told that as long as we had the info to you prior to the end of May (even if there were mistakes or missing info) you would honor the creation of the account.

Some of the problem occured, I think because it was all uploaded under my email as my husband does not use email at all.

I have not included some of the details as requested in your message on this page.

I would discuss this with you - if I could.

Today, I was told was that even though I received a letter saying the account would be opened with some more info - on August 27, 2020, no one will open the account. To me this is false advertising and terrible customer service. I would have responded sooner, we were away on vacation and received this letter in the mail. Since we were gone for over a month, there was lots of mail to go through when we returned.

Earlier today I called USAA and was placed on hold, while the representative looked through my account - not to answer my question, but to see why she could not process my concern. I requested to know if the needed information which was uploaded was received and if anything else was needed. Her first response was that you are no longer opening accounts. Later about about 30 minutes she says, yes the documents were received on 9/18/20. Never was I told if they were correct or complete. I wanted to be sure that all the documents arrived - as that has happened in the past. Then she transferred me to Wesley, eventually.

When I asked Wesley for the main office phone number and she said she did not have it. I was on hold today for 56 minutes prior to her conversation.
It took me a minute on google to obtain this webpage. This is just a small example of the crummy type of information we have been receiving.

We are extremely dissapointed with the service we have received on this and other matters from USAA and if necessary we may have to take other actions if we cannot get this account set up.

I look forward to hearing from your office in the near future.


Sandi Shear

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