@USAA – Stuart Parker – I am trying to air a grievance that I have with USAA. I have been

Gregory Cole sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

I am trying to air a grievance that I have with USAA. I have been asking USAA for covid assistance with my debt since April. I was attending college after the Army and was receiving supplemental income using the Post 9/11 Bill. My family has been directly impacted by covid 19 and the fixed income I do receive from the VA is barely enough to survive off of and still be behind on bills. Two of my accounts recently went into collections even though I was trying to make minimal payments on those accounts. Every time I call USAA they say there is no assistance the can or will give me. I also have a credit card through US Bank and they were able to assist me with payments and APRs as well as the timeframe in which I needed to pay it off. I am highly considering changing my banking accounts over from USAA to US Bank. I have been part of USAA since I was a teenager under my mothers account. I served 13 years and have been deployed 3 times. I really expected more from a bank that brags about themselves as being friendly towards to the military and veterans, especially during these trying times. Thank you for you time

Gregory Cole

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