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@USAA – Stuart Parker – I am writing to inform you of a significant service problem you have in your

David Komar sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

I am writing to inform you of a significant service problem you have in your auto insurance unit. I hope that you are able to get the appropriate people to rectify these problems quickly.
Background: On September 11, 2020 my wife was rear ended while stationary in traffic in the center lane of a 6-lane highway.
Issue 1: While my wife was on the left shoulder of a 6-lane highway, she called the number on the insurance card. Once her call was answered the individual kept trying to talk to her about our insurance coverage instead of just sending the tow truck immediately. My wife could barely hear the person on the phone. Have you ever tried to talk on the phone while standing next to a 6-lane highway? She was speaking with Bryan Myers. Bryan should have been trained that when someone has reported an accident and is obviously still near the highway to just send a tow truck and call back later for all the other details.
Issue 2: Even after my wife finished the call with USAA, it took an hour for the tow truck to arrive. Meanwhile, 5 other tow trucks stopped to offer assistance. Obviously, there was nothing going on in the area that was putting a large demand for tow trucks. She didn’t use any of them because there’s no way of telling if they’re legitimate or not. She decided to wait for your lowest bidder towing company to arrive.
Issue 3: Today is September 22nd and you have still not delivered my car to the USAA approved collision shop. Your agents have made numerous calls to the lousy towing company that USAA hired. I have spent multiple hours on the phone with USAA over the past 11 days trying to get this resolved. I’ve spent over 40 minutes on the phone today already. I’m trying to run a business in between my calls to your company.
Issue 4: Your claims website informed us that, “Based on our investigation, we’ve determined you’re not at-fault for this accident. Keep in mind, even if you’re not at fault, we consider multiple variables before determining if your premium needs to be adjusted.” Why would you raise our rates if it wasn’t our fault?
Bottom Line:
1. I want my premiums for this car refunded for the days that it isn’t on the road due to USAA’s failure to deliver the car to the collision shop in a timely manner.
2. I will definitely be dropping my towing coverage and getting AAA due to USAA’s proven failure to hire reliable towing companies.
3. I’m already shopping around for a new insurance company.

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