@USAA – Stuart Parker – i have been a usaa member for many many years. today i needed a tow

garold baker sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

i have been a usaa member for many many years. today i needed a tow. WHAT a night mare. The company usaa farms this out to is CRAP. After one hour of waiting, they still had not dispatched the tow company, i called tow company, they said still waiting on usaa to transmit paper work. So i get another hour on phone with your farmout aegro (something like that) Then when truck does arrive after 2 and 1/2 hours, aegro had wrong tow to address, and guess what else!! They have the wrong vehicle listed! I repeated all this to them several times!! Yes English is my native tongue. And i had to pay for part of the tow! or usaa was going to dump me and truck in BFE! usaa will only tow 11 miles!! that won't even get u to a gas station here! And then i was told me to call a taxi for us !! cause of the fake virus! A taxi out here? are you kidding me? so we will have to walk 25 miles home! What has happened to usaa? Just like every company that used to have the number one service, they are now falling!! Real is sad. I spoke to the Colonel, he said yes usaa has went to pot over the last 10 years! And he said many people are saying so!

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