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@USAA – Stuart Parker – I have been USAA member for 20 years. Recently I filed a a home owners

Elden Gillespie sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

I have been USAA member for 20 years. Recently I filed a a home owners claim and all was well until I received a initial check to start the repairs with Wells Fargos name on the check and was given inaccurate information on how to get the check endorsed and why Wells Fargo was on my check. I had already paid for the work to get started because of the nature of the repair had to be done immediately. Long story short...After all the repairs were done and completely paid I went to Wells Fargo to get my check endorsed because the money I paid out came out of my business account and had to be replaced immediately to keep my business and personal bills paid. I then found out that Wells Fargo said I had to send them the check and they would put it in my escrow account and the entire process was finally explained to me. I told Wells Fargo it was a check for getting the work started and the entire job was done and paid for. I was also told since it was done they would have to schedule an inspection of the work in order to get my money back. IA 2 to 3 week process. I have now lost revenue because of missing funds and have late payment charges on accounts I can not pay. It is not my fault in anyway that Wells Fargo was not included in the beginning. I did not pay Wells Fargo for insurance nor did I appoint them to handle repairs for me. This is total neglect and failure on the part of USAA to explain the details. I will not allow Wells Fargo to put my check in my escrow account that has had missing funds for 17 months and no one will explain or fix.

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