@USAA – Stuart Parker – I Margaret Wright have had the hardest time getting any help rom your staff in

Margaret T Wright sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

I Margaret Wright have had the hardest time getting any help rom your staff in getting y husband Larry E Frisinger car taken back.
Last year Larry's cancer got so bad that he was not able to drive so my youngest daughter did the driving. Both Larry and Anita
1 tried to get the insurance to cover her.

2 Get the loan into her name.

I have tried as well.

Despite the fact I have asked for accommodation they really give me a very very hard time trying to prove who I am.
The car has been standing doing nothing before he died. Now he has passed away the staff have made it very tiring and there is no getting anything done. They keep on saying they are sorry. But they are not they do not care that being on the cell and trying to recall what they ask me to gives me the worst headache.
Larry gave permission for Anita my daughter to talk on his behalf now they say no permission was given.
5 months and I do not want to call again as it just is no one able or willing to help.
My daughter Pearl sent all the correct papers the bank said they got it but the loan department say they did not get it.

I am the one who encouraged Larry to get the loan from USAA now I regret it.

My cell is 4793169841
gmail thainsmith1956 @gmail

I am l
Larry's widow.

The car I wan to be reposest and now doing nothing as I do not drive.
2009 Chrys serbring
I have written to the disablity rights

legal aid of AR

I think there should be a way I can resolve this with out more real pain.

I have Tramatic brain injury
memory loss and anziety disablity.

I have moved due to neeing a way to get to where I need to go I live at Souther view appartment where there is a buss close by.

2458 W Orlando Dr. app 1 fayettville AR 72701

We lived in Everett WA when we bought the car.
We lived at 588 S. Dockery lane when Larry passed away.
Please help me.
Margaret T wight BD 11 02 1956

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