@USAA – Stuart Parker – I sent this email to Victory Capital. and I wanted you to have a copy

John Niamtu sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

I sent this email to Victory Capital. and I wanted you to have a copy. perhaps you can route it to some one that can help me. I have talked to USAA investments and was told its out of there hands. I thank you for any help that you may render.

JEN, 000687039

Below is a copy of my email to VCM:

I have attempted to create a log in ID & password to access my & my wife's Brokerage & roth IRA usaa accounts all week. Each time I log into my USAA account then follow the prompts to the VCM site. After many. many attempts I finally get to the point where I am requested to create & enter a new pass word. I do and you tell me its a jimdandy!

I then select the continue/next button and, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, nothing happens!

I have made this exact attempt with the same results dozens of times on multiple days at various different times.

A few days ago after waiting on hold for hours I was able to talk to a woman in your office. She seemed to understand the problem and assured me that she would write a Ticket, thus fixing the problem. I requested an email or phone call conformation; however she said no.

Now I am requesting that you fix this problem and quickly. As a USAA member for 55 years I have become accustom to reliable, professional and prompt service. If you are not able to provide this then. you will leave me no choice but to find an organization that can.

John E Niamtu
Major. USA, Retired
USAA Member Number: 687039

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