@USAA – Stuart Parker – I want to tell you, as CEO of USAA, how very disappointed and bitterly upset

Barbara J Butler sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

I want to tell you, as CEO of USAA, how very disappointed and bitterly upset I am at USAA. I have been with USAA for 34 years and always had good service..until June, 2018. This stupid woman in Walmart parking lot TOTALED my 1997 Mercury Marquis. Her insurance company declared it totaled and hauled it away to a garage in Gainesville, Georgia. I had to fight with AUTO OWNERS to get a reasonable price for it. I called USAA and relayed that I no longer needed this vehicle on my policy as it was totaled and I didn't have it anymore. I was advised, against my better judgement, to keep it on my policy and keep PAYING FOR A VEHICLE I DID NOT OWN. If I removed this vehicle from my policy, then my rates would go up when I got another vehicle. Reluctantly, I agreed. I found a 2002 Buick LeSabre and added it to my policy. In July, 2020, the Buick died on me and stayed in the shop for 4 weeks. Electrical and computer wiring that the mechanic could not repair. I had it towed home, cleaned it up, sold it in one day. I called USAA and told the person to remove this vehicle from my policy. They started with the same song and dance and I politely said NO...remove this vehicle. I do not know how long it will be before I can find another vehicle and I am not paying for another vehicle that is gone. I went for 4 weeks without a vehicle. I dropped the coverage of the Buick on August 19, 2020. I went 27 days with no vehicle insured by USAA. Time to change...you are not the company that you used to be and could care less about your members! I stared shopping around for another company after being treated so badly by USAA. Well, did USAA do a number on me. Thank you very much. Your company put the word out that I had gone without coverage which made my insurance rates go through the ceiling. Thank you again for that cheap shot. The wreck in 2018 was not my fault but I am being punished for it. It's being counted against my good driving record. I have had no tickets in forever. I finally decided to go with State Farm as they were the cheapest I could find. Some companies wanted $900 a year to insure me. Allstate will not insure me for a year. Thank you again USAA!!!!! I somewhat understand your thinking and your policy on this but it still makes no sense to a 74 years old woman that has a perfect driving record to expect me to pay for vehicles that I don't own anymore. Living on a limited income and it takes every dime I have to survive every month. This is the way you treat OLD PEOPLE??? You are grouping us together with the teenagers!!!! That is DISCRIMINATION as its finest. If I could afford a lawyer I would sue the heck out of you. I am in contact with the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia over this ridiculous rule that USAA has and apparently no other insurance company does this. I will be working with our new Senator and Representative to get something done about this in Georgia. DON'T MESS WITH OLD PEOPLE...we don't care anymore. At this time, my house is still insured with USAA but that is subject to change. I've never had a claim against any damages on my house but turned in for food damage during a hurricane in 2017....that went against me as well. Thank you again USAA!!!!! Punish an old woman for losing her food and wanting to be paid for it. So, I just wanted to tell you that USAA is a bad company, does not treat their customers fair, you have bad rules when it comes to insurance coverage and lots of other things but I hope you get my drift. My brother in law is a retired US Army Lt. Colonel and even he has said you have become a bad company. So, if a young military man/woman is called overseas and sells their vehicle....do you expect them to pay the entire time they are serving our country for a vehicle they do not have????? I expect this to go in file 13 but that is okay, it makes me feel better to tell you how I feel about USAA and what a terrible company you are running. You have a terrible day!!!

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