@USAA – Stuart Parker – Mr. Peacock, I need to inform you that USAA is experiencing a lot of technical

Adam Jones Retire Air Force sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

Mr. Peacock, I need to inform you that USAA is experiencing a lot of technical website issues and the customer service problems which will call the company loss of customer and decline of services. If these issue are not address very soon USAA is going to lose customers. The past four weeks have been a nightmare for me. You are having major issues with your contractor divisions who support your customer service department for bill payment and roadside service. I was stuck on the side of the road in Tallahassee FL for over three hours. I had to use my cell phone to find all the information she was requesting for my location and the towing company in the local area plus the customer service rep put me on hold for over and hour because she was having computer issues instead of transferring my call to another rep. I had to hang up and restart the process all over again. I also called in to report the issue I experienced with roadside assistance on the 28 June and the young man who answered the phone would not allow me to speak to a supervisor. He stated I had to call roadside assistance because they did not handle those types of complains and when I insisted to speak to a supervisor he stated the supervisor would have to review my request and then decide if they would return my call. Today I made two payments on my credit card and the system stated the payments were successfully completed. After reviewing my credit card account again under the payment activity section the payments were not listed. I contacted four people today and they all stated they could not stop the payments because it was from and outside bank account. Also the first customer service rep I spoke with today simply transferred me to the card billing department after I request to speak to a supervisor without relaying the message of my issues to the next rep who was not a supervisor. I logged into my account and found a notification that the account I used to make the payments needed to be verified before any payments could be made. This is contrary to everyone I spoke to today because if I do not verify the account the payments can't be made and someone should have the authority to cancel the payments because I am not going to verify the account secondly that same account was used to make previous payments. What in the world is happening. I worked in budgeting and with bill payments and do not understand this situation at all. I being informed to verfiy the account so that bill can either cut me a check are accomplish and ACH transferrer but this is all illegal because you don't have automation to take the money from my account. This is also creating a finial hardship for me. I am very concern about USAA because I have a background of working for (IG) Inspector Generals Office on an Air Force base and over 30 years of customer service and Information Technology experience plus completing my Masters Degree in Computer Science in a month, which make me qualified to ascertain your level of customer performance and it's very poor. I would suggest upper management complete a risk management assessment of all contracted customer service area to identify any problems and send customer a survey to find out any issues are problems occurring with your contactors. Lastly, several years ago I was in a very bad car accident and the accident was very traumatic and was only given around $9000.00 which was not enough for a replacement vehicle. I saw a commercial on how USAA is family oriented , I have to disagree because what family would give a member not enough money to buy another vehicle what family was leave someone on the side of the road for three hours. As a veteran I am very dissatisfied with the customer service I received today.

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