@USAA – Stuart Parker – Mr. Peacock, I'm writing you to inform you of a several month process in establishing

Douglas B Ernst sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

Mr. Peacock, I'm writing you to inform you of a several month process in establishing a POA for my 91-year-old mother. I've been a USAA member for roughly 50 years and was this close to canceling all my USAA accounts, my mom’s Accounts and convincing all of my children who have USAA accts to cancel.
For nine months I've been trying to get USAA to acknowledge the POA my mom has with me having POA over all of her financials, Insurance coverages, etc. etc.
USAA however, would only allow me to act on behalf tied to her property Insurance but not her life insurance policy. All I wanted to do was to establish her Family trust as the beneficiary on her life insurance policy. I was continuously told USAA cannot talk to me about her life insurance policy. when I asked multiple USAA representatives how i could go about having a POA USAA would acknowledge, I got multiple answers to include a 2-page USAA POA that was Notarized and submitted. When I spoke to the next USAA rep, she said Oh we don't recognize that for your mom’s life ins. Once again, a brick wall.
I then found a rep in San Antonio who not only spoke to me about my mom’s acct he actually changed the Beneficiary from her having none to my mom’s living trust. I thought Halleluiah finally someone with common sense. I go into her acct and sure enough he did what he said.
The next month I get a letter from USAA claiming the change made is not authorized and would be reversed. The saga continues.
I then start to make more calls to try once again get this simple action done. I finally get another guy in San Antonio. his name is Ben, Employee number J0216. Ben gave me another approach to dealing with this debacle. He told me to get the 8-page USAA POA and get my mom and notary to sign it. Once again i followed his guidance. I’d like to thank Ben and recommend him for promotion as it appears, he is the only service rep who has a clue. Ben was so conscientious he called me 2 weeks later to see if i had any more trouble. Today i received this from USAA.

USAA # ending in:4056
Power of Attorney Received
Thank you for sending your power of attorney. Your agent can now conduct business with USAA on your behalf consistent with your power of attorney. Please note that, in some situations, we may need additional information regarding your agent before processing transactions on your behalf.
If you have any questions about your power of attorney, please call 1-800-531-USAA (8722). We value your business and the opportunity to serve all your financial needs.
Thank you,
Although I was happy to receive this note from USAA but not sure what the next challenge will be since i don't have any confidence this is it .
I have another recommendation for you . I felt like i just reinvented the wheel in going thru this process. this should not happen to one more person that falls into the same trap i did. Your training staff needs to formally get your folks trained up in knowing how to deal with such a simple action like accepting a legal POA or offering a USAA version in kind. I cannot be the only person that has gone through this process and it was horrible.
Once again my compliments to Ben he just saved about 20 USAA accts from being shut down.

Sorry for the long winded note but after what I've been through this is miniscule in the grand scheme of things.

Doug Ernst

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