@USAA – Stuart Parker – Mr. Peacock, I just spent 48 MINUTES on hold trying to get to speak to

Claud M Fraleigh II, DDS sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

Mr. Peacock,
I just spent 48 MINUTES on hold trying to get to speak to one of USAA's agents. Some 3 weeks ago, USAA sent me a form regarding the change in the auto policy liability requirements for Michigan residents which I completed and mailed back to USAA. When I was finally able to speak to someone named Connie, she told me that she wasn't authorized to inform me of how my auto premium was affected and that I would have to wait further until such an authorized individualcould speak to me. I declined this in that I had already spen an OBSCENE amount of time on hold.

I also informed this Connie that I wasn't able to log on to my USAA acount when I provided my information. The website would not acknowledge my phone #, or email address. She provided my USAA ID which I already knew, and she gave me a temperary password so that I could log on. After the phone call, I attempted to log on but the site's response was the my ability to log on was frozen and that I should call the same 877.632.3003 number again!

I have to tell you sir, as a member of over 43 years, following that of my father RADM. Claud Mahlon Fraleigh, who was a member for decades,I have noted a sharp decline in the quality of members ability to simply communicate with and obtain one's information from USAA's staff. You being a raw civilian are unlikely cognizant that the captain of a ship is responsible for the performance of that ship and her crew. That said, I attribute the decline in USAA standards directly at your feet.
If you bother to even look at this screen's format, for example, in able to send you this Email, I had to enter my Email, yet just below this messagewindow, the site states DO NOT INCLUDE BANK ACCT. #, HOME ADDRESS, SSN, Email(!) etc. So, even this is F.U.B.A.R. .....get one of your staff who's a veteran to translate it for you.

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