@USAA – Stuart Parker – Mr. Peacock, We have been extremely patient while trying to save USAA money and still

Charles Van Every sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

Mr. Peacock,

We have been extremely patient while trying to save USAA money and still have our home restored to normal.
At present, everything is at a complete stand still
because we are awaiting monies to order our new kitchen cabinets.
Before this can occur, we are awaiting Rick Faulkner's approval of the cabinets and countertops so everything can start moving forward again.
Every day with no action or communication from USAA costs USAA money in our hotel accommodations...money that should be used for restoring our home to 'normal'.
We await action from you office.

Charles Van Every, a USAA MEMBER for 57 years and counting.
Our Reply to USAA asking us how things are going...
November 16, 2020 at 4:06 p.m. CT

It would be appreciated if you would answer specifically all of our correspondence to you, to date. We are at the point today, where the cabinets we have selected for replacement are ready to be ordered, followed by us receiving a check from you. And then, the cabinet and countertop installations can begin. This action will then be followed by carpet installation and china hutch replacement along with all of our furniture returned from storage. The problem is YOU and your inaction. Your immediate response is appreciated. You can see by our correspondence that we are doing our best 'as the victims' of this mess to move this process along as we mentioned, we need to have everything completed NLT 10 December! As a 57 year member of USAA with only a few claims, we were hoping for better results and to be able to give you a thumbs up...this is not the case at this point in time.

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