@USAA – Stuart Parker – Sir, My name is Ed Bodell, I had $3100 in my checking account now I'm

Ed Bodell sent a message to Stuart Parker that said:

My name is Ed Bodell, I had $3100 in my checking account now I'm in debt the same amount. My money was taken from me using cash.app, but USAA now says they didn't. I didn't authorize these transactions. I've suffered from depression all my life and knowing that you will be taking my next 2 social security checks I will not be able to pay my rent and other bills come the 1st of the year. I guess the only reason I've lived this long is because of the values I grew up with., one of which is honestly. I've had to suffer alone, I have no one now I have no will to live anymore. I'm surprised I've lived this long. I've been in a dark place many times before but I hoped for a miracle, but now I have no hope at all. They was never anyone there to help me though this and it's a horrible way to live. Most didn't know understand so they chose to turn their backs on me and the couple that did know chose not to help. I'm just a quiet humble gentle man but I know I can't become homeless and my only family is my cats. I hope god will accept me even though I was unable to overcome my illness by myself.
Ed Bodell

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